Larry Rosenberg: Long Path Home

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Larry Rosenberg: Long Path Home
Format: DVD

This inspiring 38-minute documentary portrait tells the unexpected story of teacher/author Larry Rosenberg, one of the handful of people fundamentally responsible for having brought meditation to widespread awareness and practice in American society. The DVD includes a special audio feature: Larry Rosenberg Guide to Three Forms of Meditation Practice

With exquisite penetration and humor, Larry at 83 years of age describes his remarkable long-term quest for self-discovery that eventually gave rise to the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, one of the nation’s most vibrant non-residential communities for meditation learning and practice. In recent years his teaching and books have inspired devoted practitioners to establish new meditation learning centers beyond Cambridge.

This intimate profile captures the warm-hearted dynamic personality that has made Larry such a beloved instructor – while at the same time presenting the very core of his Buddhist teachings. As we witness his skillful vipassana instruction in action, Larry reflects on the more than four decades he has been teaching the Buddha’s concepts about suffering and the end of suffering, helping countless people on their individual paths to self-discovery and liberation.

Praise for Larry Rosenberg: Long Path Home

The significant role that Larry has played in making insight meditation practice available comes through clearly in this beautiful tribute film… Most enjoyable was feeling his straightforward, practical wisdom and his kind heart …”

Sharon Salzberg  NY Times best-selling author, meditation teacher, co-founder Insight Meditation Society

Larry Rosenberg is one of the best, most accessible, unprepossessing, and clear meditation teachers on the planet. In Long Path Home, you get to see the improbable streams of his personal and dharmic evolution converge and mature. You also see and feel why he is so loved by his students, and how his teachings have had such a profound impact in the world. Larry has played a significant role in introducing mindfulness meditation to the American landscape as a vital element of daily life and as a rigorous formal practice.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn   Prof. of Medicine Emeritus, UMass Medical School, author of Full Catastrophe Living

If there’s someone I’ve always wished everyone could meet, it’s Larry Rosenberg. He’s a model for us all: a seeker — and finder — of peace, a rebel, an unpretentious intellectual ceaselessly curious about the big stuff of life. Now, thanks to Long Path Home, we can all better know this big-hearted man who’s devoted his life to helping us better know ourselves.”

Rod Meade Sperry   editorial director of and editor of A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

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