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Thomas Berry Speaks

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Thomas Berry Speaks
At 86 years of age, eminent cultural historian Thomas Berry, in an extended video interview, shared his primary concerns for the well being of our planet at this critical moment. Thomas Berry is the author of Dream of the Earth, The Great Work, Evening Thoughts, and The Universe Story with Brian Swimme. Two essential video talks are now available from that session.

Fine Cut Productions is honored to provide these interviews for the first time on DVD.

" These video talks provide a beacon of clarity and inspiration. Ideas to live with for a lifetime. Their strength is in their simplicity. It's just like having Thomas Berry present in your living room, sharing his concerns and hopes for the planet with you."

- Mary Evelyn Tucker, Forum on Religion & Ecology at Yale University

Thomas Berry Speaks
DVD, 2006
Producer, Marty Ostrow
“The Great Work”, (11 mins.)
An introduction to Thomas Berry. He states his fundamental concerns for the planetary crisis at hand, “the Great Work" that confronts us.

"The Power of Story and The Capacity for Change”, (15 mins.)
Thomas Berry’s prescription to remedy our crisis. He suggests the need for a new cultural story of the universe and he offers clear reasons for hope and change.

About Thomas Berry
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Renewal is the first feature-length documentary film to capture the vitality and diversity of today's religious-environmental activists. From within their Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim traditions, Americans are becoming caretakers of the Earth. With great courage, these women and men are re-examining what it means to be human and how we live on this planet. Their stories of combating global warming and the devastation of mountaintop removal, of promoting food security, environmental justice, recycling, and land preservation, and of teaching love and respect for life on Earth are the heart of Renewal.

The Renewal Project's Official Website - click here

Praise for Renewal

"The religious environmental movement is potentially key to dealing with the greatest problem humans have ever faced, and it has never been captured with more breadth and force than in Renewal. I hope this movie is screened in church basements and synagogue social halls across the country, and that it moves many more people of faith off the fence and into action."

- Bill McKibben

"I watched this film with admiration and hope millions of others will have the chance to see it. You will be stirred to discover people of different faiths who are engaged in an exhilarating stewardship of the earth that offers our best chance to yet save creation."

- Bill Moyers

"I feel like our congregation was jump-started for more eco-commitment simply from seeing the video."

- Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, Reformed Church of Highland Park, NJ

"Renewal is a path breaking film that gives us for the first time stories of the emerging movement of religious environmentalism across the United States. Here we witness the inspiration of religious ideas in practice for the healing of the Earth. Such a film is invaluable for religious leaders and laity alike. Moreover, it will renew those working on behalf of future generations."

- Mary Evelyn Tucker & John Grim, Forum on Religion & Ecology, Yale University

"Renewal, Marty Ostrow and Terry Kay Rockefeller's latest documentary, offers a comprehensive overview of what different religions are doing about the awesome devastation of Earth's life systems now taking place. The filmmakers' vision of the problem and understanding of viable solutions show rare depth of perception and are matched only by their sense of the urgency of action if we are to realize our hopes for the future."

- Thomas Berry

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About Fine Cut Productions, LLC
Fine Cut Productions, LLC is an independent documentary film production company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Producer Marty Ostrow is the director of Fine Cut Productions. He has been making award winning television documentaries for more than twenty-five years. Thomas Berry Speaks and Renewal are two of Fine Cut Productions' better known films.

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